Grgur Savic is saxophonist and composer based in Berlin since 2015.

Born (1983 Zagreb), in searching for a more wider and richer musical working space Grgur transplanted himself into Berlin City. Since moving in Berlin (2015), he actively perform and record his main projects of:


Grgur Savic is part of a broad, cross-breed Berlin free improvised, crossover & experimentation music scene. From more lately, Grgur is focused across a wide range of visual compositional practices, new media, sound research and traditional genre to adhere to a commitment with pure improv making it exciting in trying to bridge the gap between composed and improvised.

His primary groups as a leader are the Grgur Savic Pitch Shifting Group (with Richard Scott, Samuel Hall, Rieko Okuda, Daniel Craig, Chris Hill, Sanja Star) and  Space Tigers (with Vanja Kevresan and Jesus Vega). 

Grgur has started releasing recordings on his own fresh and new label, Pitch Shifting, since 2020. His four new live releases of the group are available here: https://pitchshifting.bandcamp.com in digital and in some cases Cd formats.

Highly interested in understanding the close relationship between various composed experimental musics in relation to free improvisation, this year Grgur has released his debut album as a leader and composer with his The Form“ (with Quentin Tolimieri, Fyodor Stepanov, Chris Hill and guest Vedran Ruzic) with strong intension in trying to bridge the gap between composed and improvised. 

Electro acoustic album Home Is Where My Cat Is“ self recorded and produced this year in his home feat guests artists with his first singles “The Future“ and “Yu-Gi-Oh!“ is already available to listen and buy on his Bandcamp page.

Grgur finished his music and academic studies – classical and jazz at the University of performing arts in Graz and Klagenfurt, Austria. In New York he took private lessons with revered jazz greats such as saxophonists Andrew D’Angelo and George Garzone. Past musical projects include his Free Willys – conceptual free music trio, The Unleashed Bop Force – post bop fusion quintet, Mangroove – experimental fusion band.

Grgur has performed with the following artists such as Richard Scott, Samuel Hall, Chris Hill, Rieko Okuda, Sanja Star, Quentin Cholet, Krunoslav Levacic, Gerald Preinfalk, Matheus Jardim, Vanja Kevresan, Vega Jesus, Quentin Tolimieri, Bojan Krhlanko, Manuel Podhostnik, Ivars Arutyunyan, Hrvoje Galler, Pavle Jovanovic, Jost Drasler, Vitja Balzalorsky, Domen Gnezda,  Zvonimir Sestak, Andjelko Stupar,  Borko Rupena, Igor Lumpert, Jonathon Haffner, Marko Churntchetz, Ivar Krizic, Jure Pukl, Carol Cass, Oliver Steidle, Antonio Borghini, Mark Pringle, Marcelo Busato, Daniel Craig…etc.

In between recording and playing shows, Grgur is producing music, filming and making short documentaries and movies which are involved in major of his music videos. Grgur’s music is available through the CD-s he has recorded, Spotify, Deezer, Bandcamp, Youtube and other.

All rights reserved. Grgur Savic 2021