Experimental music

Exploration of Experimental Music in an Improvisational Context through Solo and Collaborative performances.


Grgur Savic “Experience of Inner Sound Visions and Sound in Space” for prepared alto saxophone & flute in five movements, small electronics, objects, laptop and projector.

Merged with objects, electronics and live video-reactive visuals Grgur create a unique new composition in real time which is placed together of all these heterogeneous elements. These also include sound, body, air and space, but also the element of time and momentum of our presence and our present thoughts. Not to forget, there is the place of the listeners, who co-create the work through their experience and imagination by putting it in relation to everything they know. Fundamentally, the musical graphics are clear, but his compositions are an invitation for further “intuitive music’’ experimentation that opens up a vast new musical field.

All Photos (c) Goran Mehkek

• Mov I. Nebula Sector P-104 – for prepared saxophone, flute and small electronics
• Mov II. Kashyyyk Orbits – for prepared saxophone and objects
• Mov III. Blixus – for prepared transmitter and objects
• Mov IV. CT-5555 – for prepared saxophone and field sound

With / Pitch Shifting

Experience of Inner Sound Visions and Sound in Space // Collaborative Installation performance w/ Pitch Shifting as a part of CONTAINERKLANG FESTIVAL #19 #20 #21, Kölner Gesellschaft für Neue Musik, Essen

Creating visual expressions and spatial arrangements of collages and animations for audio-reactive visual set, Star uses a visual semiotic system of digital motion collages, using 3D art, creative code, animation and design techniques. Recreating the sound of different types of machines, in – out scenery and other human-made objects, Savic blends a variety of extended techniques involving woodwind and brass instruments (prepared saxophone and flute, amplified objects, and small electronics) along with the use of small speakers.

The concept employs small speaker circuitry, with a resistance ranging from 4 to 8 ohms, for sound generation achieved by incorporating aluminum foil that responds to the wind from USB ventilators, causing both movement and sound production when the foil elements come together.

Carina Khorkhordina / Grgur Savic – FuLL SchiLF

Hanna Schörken / Grgur Savic

JD Zazie / Grgur Savic

Grgur Savic / Seiji Morimoto

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