Croatian-Slovenian avant-new jazz band, formed in 2010, consisting of five members. The band draws on influences from a wider musical spectrum such as grunge, punk, swing, jazz and rock music, and is known for an unconventional style, sometimes described as «avant-groove». Each of the Cromatik 5 member is involved in the large music community and has participated in numerous side projects over the years.

After a dozen concerts in Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, for last two years they performed on China’s most renowed uprising jazz festivals like Shenzhen jazz festival, Hong Kong, Zhongshan and Shangai.

«The band is really amazing. They play with so much energy and focus. Their performance on -OCT-LOFT- Jazz Festival in Shenzhen was brilliant.» – Anla Lee



Saturday Jam

Release Date : 8. October 2015.
Artist : Cromatik 5
Format : CD

Recorded at Soundbrick studio Zagreb, Croatia.
Mixed and mastered by Luka Čabo,
Recording assistance Šimun Strukan 
Illustration & Design Sanja Star

Cromatik 5
Grgur Savic – alt saxophone
Pavle Jovanovic – el.guitar
Hrvoje Galler – piano
Jost Drasler – bass
Bojan Krhlanko – drums