PORTALS: collaborative absurdities in collective competition.

all photos (c) Henry Schultz (STOPover #1, zentrumunderconstruction)

An interactive sports performance installation by saxophonist and composer Grgur Savic and drummer and percussionist Samuel Hall. A sonic experience that includes action to create a sound providing an opportunity for competitive sports (Ping Pong and Basketball) to be more playful and collaborative. Where the players are encouraged to “play” the game “wrong” to explore deeper sonic and compositional possibilities. Where players are rewarded for creating their own rules and working together.

This installation work, was developed within a week of the STOPOver Residency in February 2024, at Alte Münze Berlin. The installation incorporated two Ping Pong tables and a Basketball using contact microphones with various multi-effect processors to capture the sound of the balls hitting the surface of the tables and the Basketball, crafting an immersive sonic experience that transforms the act of playing sports into a unique and dynamic fun, also allowing for real-time musical compositions during the game.

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