Action Performance

“Mapping Spacetime” as a part of the audio-visual project Pitch Shifting 


“Mapping Spacetime” is an experimental audiovisual research that delves into improvised performances in public spaces. The series draws its name from the concept in physics which highlights the interconnectedness of time and space, reflecting the fusion of these two elements within the fabric of our existence. Utilizing the medium of projection mapping and sound art, artists create soundscapes that are intricately intertwined with responsive visual elements. Embracing the spontaneity and fluidity of the unscripted, performances celebrate the uninterrupted flow of energy in physical, mental, and audio-visual planes.

Sanja Star (sonic illustration, objects, action)

Grgur Savic (objects, small electronics, action)

Location: 51.4556° N, 7.0116° E (Essen, Germany)

Saturday, September 30, 2023 action AV performance in the hotel lobby


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