Solo performances

“Experience of inner sound visions and sound in space” for alto saxophone in five movements, small electronics, objects, laptop and projector.

Merged together with objects, electronics and live video-reactive visual Grgur create a unique new composition in real time which is placed together of all these heterogeneous elements. These include sound, body, air and the space, but also the element of time and momentum of our presence and our present thoughts. Not to forget, there is the place of the listeners, who co- create the work through their experience and imagination by putting it in relation to everything they know. Fundamentally, the musical graphics are clear, but his compositions are an invitation for further “intuitive music’’ experimentation that opens up a vast new musical field.


Mov I. Nebula Sector P-104 – for saxophone and small electronics 

Mov II. Kashyyyk Orbits – for saxophone and objects

Mov III. Blixus – for saxophone and transmitter

Mov IV. CT-5555 – for saxophone and field sound

Mov V. Carasynthia Dune – for saxophone, laptop and projector

Performer about his work and visualisation of music in general:

As the graphic works have been composed with the form of sound-visual transmission very clearly in my mind, the element of ceremonial, however, has been incorporated in my music for a much longer time as well. Each of the movements is performed from a different starting place, with the aim to denote the projection and localisation of sound sources in physical space or sound’s spatial movement in space projected in different directions.

In all of the movements I am leaving the control or choice of a musical form to my intuitive thoughts. Dynamics, pitches and timbers are what I think in, and I want to be able to continue to influence them until I reach the complete feeling of being a medium.

My art practice is a reflection of the journey of self-discovery I have been on and the courage I have found to be true to myself. It is my hope that my art will inspire and motivate others to explore their own personal paths and to find strength and motivation along the way.

photos (c) Goran Mehkek

All rights reserved. Grgur Savic 2023