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Grgur Savic – en s e m b l e_The F O R : M

Founded in late 2022, based in Berlin, “The F O R : M” is a contemporary music ensemble led by Croatian-German, Berlin based experimental composer, soundist and improviser Grgur Savic. Ensemble performs unconventional notated compositions and digitalized musical graphics with a fused mixture of composing and performance strategies ( …combining frame and indicative notations, as also notations for the electronic instruments with a real-time live projection). Performing in electro-acoustic set-up, stilistically towards classical chamber improvisation, contemporary music, Echtzeitmusik, Klangkunst, and extemporise. Savic also invites unique and prolific guest musicians to join the ensemble, promoting creative diversity, innovation, critical thinking, and reflection on social and cultural issues while strengthening bonds within the artistic community.


Grgur Savic – alto saxophone, alto clarinet/ compositions

Brad Henkel – trumpet

Quentin Tolimieri – grand piano

Hui Chun Lin – cello

Isabel Röesler – contrabass

Ignaz Schick – turntable, electronics

Yorgos Dimitriadis – drums

Live at Kühlspot Social Club, December 18th, 2022

video recording: Sanja Star

video editing: grgur_savic

All rights reserved. Grgur Savic 2023